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 Let your home be a home and make it about you!  


It is so lovely to stay in a luxury hotel with its elegant sophistication, deep-pile carpets and streamlined furnishings, not to mention the plumped-up pillows and enormous bathroom mirror. But how much better is it to walk through your own front door and see a place full of character and personality that reflects you and all who live there?


Leave the lovely straight edges and calming neutrals to the hotels. Let your home embody all the curves and quirks that are you - filled with beautifully framed pictures of your family and friends, with knick-knacks and curios from your travels, even if they only extend as far as the local Sunday market.  


Sit on your comfy but gorgeous sofa and make sure that every-where your eye lands, you see a thing of beauty that stirs up a memory or that simply gives you pleasure.



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